The Syndicate

The Syndicate is the name of one of the criminal organisaion that operate on the Jovian moon of Ganymede. The majority of their activities take place in Galileo the largest city on Ganymede, although they are also involved in organised criminal activities on other parts of the moon.

There is no known date for when the Syndicate began their operations on Galileo and it also unknown whether the group was indigenous to the moon or began their life elsewhere. Their activities began to be noticed around the year dot, primerely in regards to smuggeling and the manufacture and distrabution of counterfit goods.

Initially there were just one of many criminal gangs opertating on Galileo but under the leadership of Patriarch Hermano the began to consolidate their hold on area of the city and expand their influence.

Structure of the Organisation

The Syndicate is run by a man known as The Patriarch, there have been several known Patriarchs and it is suspected that the may have been more before the position became known outside of the organisation. The curent Patriarch is Patriarch Vasili.

Beneath the Patriarch the organisation is divided by trusted Captains who are each in charge of a certain aspect of the organisation. These Captains are known as Mark Masters and their responsabilities known as their Mark.

The fours marks are Enforcment (including protection, exhortation and blackmail) Narcotics (including designer drugs) Smuggeling (including people trafficing) and Counterfiting. Many of these area’s overlap and the Patriarch will designate one of the Mark Master’s to have overall control over specific operations.

The Syndicate

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